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We are always looking for authentic products from each region of Italy. We want to surprise you by giving you the opportunity to taste the products as it was originally, without modification.

Nicola Travaglini

Nicola Travaglini is born in a farming family, in the Abruzzi region , in Italy. It is at a young age that he has developed a passion for cooking and a fascination for high quality food products. His passion led him to study in agronomy in Bologna University. He realized that high quality food products are obtained under a sole condition, that is, to treat soil with great respect.

Over the years, he has shared his enthusiasm and conviction with relatives and friends, and both have been seduced by the quality and the taste of the products he imports.For Nicola, the high quality of a food product is the center of a memorial gastronomic experience. The “STRAGUSTO”, is the taste at its peak.

And behind each product Nicola imports, he will tell you the hidden story. The only thing you can say is that these products are the outcome of a lifetime of experience and passion.